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I'm an animation student and a freelance illustrator. I'm always up for discussions, asks and what not.

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Kyle Thompson is a young photographer on the rise. He began shooting at age 19 in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and in the last couple years has amassed a substantial body of work that shows a surprisingly adept and concise voice for such a young artist. This work, just released in a book titled Somewhere Else is comprised mostly of self-portraits taken in various abandoned locations found while on a road trip traveling the country. Read our exclusive interview on Hi-Fructose.

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So I’ve spend an hour trying to figure out how to split a polygon face in three equal parts. Still haven’t figured it out.

My dear Maya, this is going to be a proper love-hate relationship.

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Hello Maya!

You seem terrifying.

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hbd kaworu!


Probably won’t make any money off this, oh well

Golconda (1953), Rene Magritte / Haunted, Beyonce

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There must be a future that we can choose for ourselves.

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What I like most about this season of Korra is probably Kuvira. And the fact that so far she is a likeable character. I mean, we all know that in a few episodes she is going to become a ruthless tyrant. But so far, I think most of us share the mentality of the Earth Nation people. If you wanted a leader for your country, there is no way in hell you’d choose the spoiler prince Wu over Kuvira. Absolutely no way.

So I’m hoping we get to see some more twists within her character and I hope she does not lose the appeal in her personality once she becomes the evil one here. I hope she stays someone we want to root for and that troubles us all.

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♪ Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well ♪

#did you mean: the moment i fell for this show 

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Gillian Grossman

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Feelin’ like an anime character these days.


Fiona Marchbank

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I can hear the birds chirping.

maybe it’s time to go to sleep now

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